Navel displacement Cure (Guaranteed)

Solar Plexus which is located behind the belly button or the Navel is the central location of the body according to various theories. This is also known as Nabhi, Nal , Nada and Dharan in Hindi. This is located approximately at the center of the body. Importance of the Solar Plexus increases due to the fact that one of the chakra also known as Manipur Chakra is also located at this location. In spiritual context of yoga, nabhi is the third chakra of the subtle body. We can call the centre for ‘Jeevani Shakti’ (life force). Healthy nabhi means healthy body which can be attuned for higher spiritual practice. After the nabhi has shifted once, it is a problem which occurs frequently thereafter unless yogic precautionary practices are started. There are lots of reasons for navel displacement like an excess weight lifting, Weak stomach muscle, high stress, lower back pain, , hyper or hypo nature, excess gastric, Vata domination etc. The displacement is directly connected with the navel nerves, stomach musc