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For yoga lovers Yoga Guru Suneel Singh providing many yoga tutorials, Home Remidies, Articles and learning videos. You can also find cure for many diseases on the portal. Yoga Guru Suneel Singh moto is to connect everyone with Yoga and make people healthy and happy.


Yoga guru Suneel Singh has been rated as one of the top five yoga guru of India. Link attached here. He is one of the first yoga guru in India, who cures his patients by using simple tools like Numerology ,Sign, Hasya Yoga and Yoga-Chi in order to treat them in a holistic way, yoga-chi which is a new thought pattern very similar to Meditation . Yoga guru Suneel Singh has been leading guru and health revolution in India for over three decades.


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Go yogic upchar for High Blood Pressure

The heart pumps blood through the arteries to various parts of the body.  A certain amount of pressure is required to maintain the blood flow when this pressure increases over the normal level; it is called high blood pressure. Consume flaxseeds everyday and two garlic cloves empty stomach. And perform Nadishodhana pranayama, Om mantra dhyan, yog nidra, Shavasana, bhramari pranayama , sheetali pranayama and sheetkari pranayama